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This is a guide by which you would be able to use Documentum's web application which does not work on Window 10 machines and/or Internet Explorer 11 browser. Alternatively, click on the ‘Gear‘ icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window and select ‘Compatibility View Settings‘ from the Tools menu. If a Web page works properly in other browsers but not in IE, use Compatibility View to make it work in IE. 1.Open up Internet Explorer 10 (The non-metro version. To configure Internet Explorer’s compatibility settings to function with OneSite: ... 2. Click Settings in the upper-right corner of the browser and then select Compatibility view settings from the drop-down list. On the webpage with compatibility issues, click the three dots in the top-right corner again, then click “More tools > Reload in Internet Explorer mode”. Novell Messenger Internet Options Contracts & Acquisitions Tools After you update to Windows 8.1 RTM on a 64-bit computer, the Compatibility View (CV) list in Windows Internet Explorer 11 does not work as expected even though it appears to be enabled. So let's go. Open Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10: How to Enable Compatibility View To activate Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View. Alternatively, you can just press the ‘F12’ key on your keyboard. Go to Tools in the Menu bar and select ‘Compatibility View Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Changing to compatibility view can be completed and used in the desktop version, it can not be completed or used while in the metro version. View Favorites Tools Windows Internet Explorer Help Google Reopen Last Browsing Session Pop-up Blocker Manage Add-ons Work Offline Compatibility View Compatibility View Settings Full Screen Toolbars Explorer Bars Developer Tools Suggested Sites Diagnose Connection Problems. Note # 2: If the Internet Explorer browser zoom level is set to something other than 100%, then the mouse clicks register in incorrect places on the browser screen, giving the appearance that one cannot access content or can access content selectively Click Compatibility View Settings. Windows 10 Tips and tricks Compatibility view settings in Internet Explorer 11 Not available in Edg Posted on June 28, 2019 by Bill Gates in Windows 10 // 5 Comments How to add or remove a website from Compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11, Not available on Microsoft Edge You can create a custom list of websites to always open in Compatibility View and change additional settings for the feature inside Internet Explorer. I still haven’t tested with the metro version). With compatibility mode, you can force an app to use settings from an earlier version of Windows -- helpful if you know the app ran well in, say, Windows 7 or Vista. How to use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11? follow these steps to activate: On the Start Screen click the Internet Explorer (IE) desktop tile Also Read: How to free GBs of space on an iPhone without deleting photos, apps, and files using the Cleopatra trick 2.Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to bring up the top menu.And then go to Tools > Developer Tools.

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